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In short, lottery companies selling state lottery tickets within Punjab state must may GST at a rate of 12%. If tickets are sold outside of the state then proceeds from ticket sales must be taxed at 28%, which the CGST says has not happthai lotto results 2017ened with a handful of companies. The lottery companies strongly dispute these charges, however. The Head of Sales for Future Gaming and Hotel Services Private Limited (which is a company of Martin Group), Prem Raj Bamboli, said “GST of 28% is applicable if we sell lotteries of other state governments in Punjab or lotteries of Punjab government in other states. But since we sell Punjab’s lotteries in Punjab only, we are liable to pay only 12% GST on sales, and not 28%, as being claimed by the CGST Department.” Future Gaming on its own has been told that it needs to pay Rs 6.91 crore. Other companies standing accused are the Sugal & Damani Group and the Essel Group.

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This year has been a fantastic year for EuroMillions winners, particularly in the UK. Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s senior winners’ advisor commented on the recent win saying, “Just one week after a £15 million winner we now have another UK ticket holder banking a giant EuroMillions jackpot.”

Cases of fraud by sellers of lottery tickets are rare, but the two cases highlighted above demonstrate why it is necessary. In the case of Christine Cole, the shopkeeper won £100,000 legally and fairly, but not all cases have such a happy result. Camelot check several details during the course of an investigation, with particular focus on whether the ticket was actually purchased (a registered transaction against the ticket). To avoid the potential that a player has simply gone through the pile of tickets and scratched them off until a winner is found, unique serial numbers are checked.

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